Gathros the Harvester

well-liked resident of Beechcrest


Gathros, is a portly, out-of-shape, red faced man who lives at the farm with stone fences furthest from the center of Beechcrest. In his younger days he was a prodigious farmer, applying his unusually green thumb to his own crops, but happily assisted his neighbors and other villagers to ensure everyone’s fields were cleared before the first frosts set in. To many, he became known by the affectionate epithet “Gathros the Harvester”.

Gathros was married, but almost three years ago his wife contracted scarlet pox and died before medical treatment could be brought to Beechcrest. This marked a turning point for Gathros, who went into deep mourning, withdrew from the community, and some say from his own mind.

Now his field lay mostly empty and he is rarely seen around town any more. Many villagers still try to keep a distant eye on the well-liked man, and bring leave small gifts of food and useful sundries. When he is seen, his demeanor is pleasant but bumbling and only fleetingly reminiscent of his past self, as though he’s in a fugue state and experiencing the world as a daydream or only partially real.

Gathros the Harvester

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