A spiteful Acolyte of Maglubiyet.


Zorag is an excellent and cunning manipulator, at least among his goblin kin, and has for many years successfully played the tensions between followers of his native Maglubiyet and the Lolthbound goblins of the region, giving himself a certain level of prestige in both camps, even while they scrabble with each other over divided loyalties.

Galvanized by omens from his patron, he gathered a mixed group of goblins and lead a raid toward the surface, breaching at the Guild of Artifice’s experimental hangar inside Civermor Hill. Once there, he and two allies snuck aboard the ARV Jefferson during the ensuing chaos, and attacked the PCs and crew during its maiden voyage.

He was knocked out and interrogated with mixed success, verbally abusing the party and pissing on Pugnus and Fox when they tried to physically intimidate him. Eventually, the party was able to extract some of the following information.

  • the goblin “nation” in the caverns and beneath Civermor are growing more active and pushing closer to the surface. Dangerous forces from the underdark are on the move.
  • Partly to their own advantage and partly because of forced servitude, increasing numbers of goblins have been serving the drow, including swearing fealty to Lolth. Something about that oath changes them in subtle ways. Skittery elf magic, most likely. His followers on the airship were Lolthbound.
  • The patch on his cloak is a (very old and tattered) symbol of Maglubiyet.

Zorag was stalling for time during the interrogation, and managed to use his hands of Maglubiyet to crush the hearts of the pilot and copilot. In response, he was thrown off the side of the airship and died upon impact.


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