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  • Fox Osfur

    Hailing from a settlement outside of Janurilia, Fox made their way north to Civermor and now works as a tender at one of the Guild bars where laborers and day workers spend their time off the job.

  • Kólga

    Kólga is a middle-aged dwarf who "looks like an archaeology professor". She is extremely concerned about the environment because of her reverence for Melora, and is recognized as a strong advocate within the Committee on Artifice and Environment. She is …

  • Pugnus G. Strongthington IV

    The Strongthington family is respected as one of the highest-pedigree lines of hired goons in the Empire. Pugnus has an impressive mustache. How is it impressive? Just _look_ at the sculpting that's gone into it!

  • Bonewits

    Bonewits has been recognized with distinction for service in the Guild Corps, and has impressive expertise with a very unusual weapon - a spiked chain. Bonewits has a blinkdog animal companion named Rowena.

  • Fenn

    Fenn is small and slight, even for a dwarf. He frequently seems salty and damp, even when he's firmly on dry land. He's deeply interested in design and construction, and has a reputation as an excellent shipwright although there is some question as to his …

  • Eldon

    Eldon is sardonic, bookish, and works as a researcher for the Guild. His area of expertise is "what do you want to know?"

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