Cities of the Empire

Cities of the Eastern Empire

  • Civermor – “City on a Hill”; home of the Guild of Artifice. The city’s wards run in concentric circles around the hilltop.
  • Cotswold-on-Deep-River – “The Place of the People”; a coalition of villages that united to create a vibrant community.
  • Elenath – “City of Stars”; The Emperor rules from his mountain throne while the Colleges seek answers to deep mysteries.
  • Hadrua – “Town of the Somber Sea”; this center for fishing and coastal trade lies under the watchful eye of the foggy sea.
  • Janurilia – “City of Splendor”; vibrant and courtly, the Empire’s southern-most city maintains many of its own traditions.
  • Terasein – “Elenath’s Shadow”; once a thriving commercial city, now a hotbed for dissidents and criminals.

Towns, Villages, and Small Communities

  • Beechcrest – a small village in the Southern Reaches where simple life is preferred to the complexities of advancement.
  • Braswell – “A Light on the Horizon”; home to the famous Winterfire Festival and workshop where Warforged are made.

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Cities of the Empire

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