House Rules

This page contains a list of house rules designed for the Eightfold Writ game.

Die rolls
In combat, a natural 1 continues to be an automatic miss and a natural 20 continues to be an automatic hit (and threat for a critical hit). For any skill or ability check, saving throw, and most other d20 rolls, rather than being an automatic failure a natural 1 instead counts as a -10. Rather that count as an automatic success, a natural 20 counts as a 30. This gives the players opportunities to succeed (however unlikely) at certain tasks even in the face of terrible misfortune or their own dumb mistakes, and opportunities to excel dramatically. Exceptional successes and drawbacks (natural 20s and 1s) may be rewarded with style points if the action is well roleplayed.

Style points
Each character begins play with 1 style point. Style points can be be acquired by DM discretion as a reward for good roleplaying, out-of-character contributions to the game, or for any other reason. Style points can be spent to add special sensory effects to combat powers, or for other purposes at the discretion of the DM. Possible examples include:

  • a tiefling who changed the color of her infernal wrath flames to purple because it “better matched her personality”,
  • a monk who, trying to impress a pretty NPC, rolled an exceptional success on an Acrobatics check and performed a complicated tumbling routine with his hands in his pockets (he also regained a style point for this idea).

Alternatively, style points can also be “traded in” to allow the PC to make minor changes to the campaign setting. Examples could include:

  • declaring that the elves’ feast should have a Beatles theme this year,
  • giving an NPC a Thomas Kinkade painting,
  • improving the aesthetic of a small cave by deciding the walls were flecked with mica rather than just plain stone.

Social Interactions
- Goblins: Proper intonation in the Goblin language is an extremely difficult for non-goblins to master, because of goblins’ unusual tongue, tooth, and mouth proportions. If a non-goblin is speaking Goblin while attempting to influence a goblin with a social roll, the non-goblin gets a -2 circumstance penalty to social rolls unless they are gagged or their speech is similarly obstructed.

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House Rules

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