The Eastern Empire

The Eastern Empire is the grandest success of civilization in this age. Spanning from the Wasted Redhills in the north to the Cambriot Wilds to the south, the Eastern Empire commands the allegiance of 12 cities, countless settlements, and the entire span of the known civilized lands of Home. To the west, the Eastern Empire is bounded by the impenetrable depths of the Eastwood Forest and to the east by the Kaerlessian Sea.

Lands of the Empire

The Eastern Empire

The Empire itself exists in the vast expanses of land between the Redhill Wastes and Cambriot Wilds, the Eastwood Forest, and the Kaerlessian Sea. Most of the Empire is rolling hills and temperate climates, with all the features you’d expect of such an idyllic setting. The most notable feature is Mount Elenath—namesake of the Empire’s capital— that rises dark and prominent above the plains of the Eastlands. From this central point, most of the Empire’s major caravan routes and roads radiate out, connecting the Empire through the ebb and flow of commerce and military might.

Cities of the Empire

There are twelve major cities and countless towns, villages, hamlets, and settlements dispersed throughout the Eastlands that all pay allegiance to the City of Stars.

The Bordering Lands

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The Eastern Empire

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