wilden ancient


Gilaras is the Ancient – the shamanic leader – of the clan of wilden that live in the rich wooded areas of the region where Beechcrest can be found. He does his best to guide his people according to the principles of the Primal Spirits, and at the change of seasons goes into deep meditative trances to communicate with them and try to learn their will. He is fiercely opposed to anything he thinks will threaten the balance of nature in his territory.

When Gilaras found out that the PCs were coming to Beechcrest to negotiate for a Guild workshop to be built, he gathered a war party to confront them in case they persisted in their plan. During the fight that broke out between the PCs, the wilden, and the undead on the path to Beechcrest, Gilaras (and all of his warriors) were knocked unconscious by the PCs.


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