ARV Jefferson

The ARV Jefferson is the first of a new class of vehicle to be developed by the Guild of Artifice —a ship that can travel through the air.

Combining elements of a Classical-era trireme and a 20th century dirigible, this new vehicle contains a lightweight hull suspended by a large balloon filled with lighter-than-air gas, and maneuvers using an elaborate rudder array and a propeller mounted on the bow. The means of power is a Guild-protected secret, but the airship doesn’t billow smoke as though from a steam engine, and given the Guild’s tensions with the College of Magic, it’s unlikely that mystical means were heavily used in its production and manufacture.

ARV stands for “airborne research vessel”, as the Jefferson is the first successful iteration of this new vehicle class, and its intended use is to test designs and features of the new technology rather than for vigorous use in the field. Data gathered from the Jefferson’s performance, will be instrumental in informing any potential future airship projects.

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ARV Jefferson

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