In the Dawn of History, the dwarven race made their homes in the sweeping coastal cliffs in the northern reaches of the continent. At some point in nearly-forgotten history, however, a mysterious evil (like ya do) awoke and began to seep upward through the dwarven home. Those who lived deep inside were afflicted and began to turn deranged and evil, while those on the cliff-face and surface were less affected. Chaos and riots broke out, and the elders organized a resistance against their afflicted brethren. Whatever evil was driving the afflicted dwarves was too great though and the entire population was at risk of being overwhelmed, so with much trepidation they devised a plan to evacuate all the unafflicted dwarves onto their biggest ships and collapse the cliff upon itself, sealing any surviving afflicted inside.

To this day dwarves carry a subconscious fear of being underground, in case the madness comes back for them (although it’s not a binding fear; it’s more like a phobia – it’s expressed stronger in some than others, and some don’t experience it at all. Like people and snakes))

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The following changes have been made to the Dwarf race as printed in the Player’s Handbook:

  • Replace racial bonus to Dungeoneering with racial bonus to Nature, to represent the dwarves’ nautical backgrounds.
  • Cast-Iron Stomach provides a +5 bonus to saves against seasickness and motion sickness in addition to poisons.

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