Old Nerath

The Eastern Empire is not the first kingdom to grace the hills and forests of this land. Nor even the steel and gold histories of Bael Turath and Arkhosia. Before them all was a world-spanning empire of mythical might, and rightfully so as almost no trace of its history remains except in the form of half-remembered myths in the tomes of scholars. Some have suggested that these early lords were infused with the remnant strains of magic from the Making of the World. Others that they walked with the Gods themselves. Others still that they were plain folk until they accidentally discovered the very Words of Power that had been used to forge the world, and revealed from their hidden chambers during the world-shaking tumult of the Dawn War.

Whatever their pedigree, scholars who seek knowledge of this early civilization believe them to have built the kingdom of Old Nerath, the greatest eldritch society to have ever existed in the history of creation…only to have it disappear in the mists of early history by some unrecorded devastation.

But not all those remnants have vanished. As the centuries have unfolded themselves, scholars, seekers, and adventurers have occasionally stumbled across strange structures – domes and towers – in the bare places and the isolation of the wilds that they have revealed to be observatories, places where the wise men of the ancient empire kept careful watch on the stars of the sky…or perhaps even sights beyond this plane of existence.

Observatory ruins

The scholars of Old Nerath held the stars, the moon, and the dark spaces between them to be of special fascination, although few (if any) know why.

Vestiges of Old Nerath

Vestiges are sites of incredible power that tap into the forces of the world to create reality – it is a power that if wielded properly outstrips even that of the gods and primordials. Is in the power to create and destroy. It is the power to manifest one’s will on the fabric of reality…if one knows how.
The Vestiges resonate to the same frequency as Rayshorin—the forgotten tongue from which the Words of Power are forged, that predates even Supernal (the language of the gods).

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Old Nerath

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